Embracing Change

I am about to take on a huge change in my life. One that has me really anxious, worried, and over thinking what will happen. It is hard to change, especially when we get attached to the way things are.

So what is this big change you ask?

You may not think it is a big deal, but I’m going to switch from a PC to a Macintosh computer!

Don’t laugh, it really is going to involve a lot of work and frustration for me. Can you relate?

The struggle with accepting change is tied to attachment. Attachment to the ease and comfort of how things are. Letting go of attachment is a key teaching of yoga and is called aparigraha. It is good to remember that when we cling to something that no longer works, we will never move forward and that what wants to come to us is so great if we just let go.

Last week as I was gearing up to make the change I posted a plea for help and recommendations from my friends on Facebook. The response was really encouraging with many friends offering to help, and one of my students offered me the best advice I’ve received in a long time.

Here was her response: Using a Mac is like yoga- you just have to let go of monkey mind and go on intuition and just play.

It made me laugh because that is the exact same advice I give to students who come to my yoga class. The definition of yoga is the cessation of the mind stuff or chitta in Sanskrit. All of that chitta (noise) in the mind is what causes struggle.

When you step onto your mat the most important thing to remember is to breathe and the focus on the breath will help to tame the monkey mind.

It is important to be in alignment during a yoga class but I feel that following your intuition is just as important. Listen to your body, trust your gut, modify when you need to. Our intuition is always guiding us, the problem is that the mind is so noisy most of the time we can’t hear or tap into our intuition.

And PLAY – yes PLAY on your yoga mat. Yoga should be fun! So don’t be afraid to giggle, dance, and most importantly SMILE when you practice. Life is a lot more fun when we can remember to play.

My students are always my best teachers and I’m so grateful to them for teaching me new things.

My mission is to accept this new change, to quiet all the fear and anxiety in my mind, follow my intuition, and have fun playing with my new computer!

I hope you can bring this same energy to all that you do as well!

p.s. there is still time to sign up for my upcoming yoga retreats! Sedona in February and Paradise in Panama this April

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