Letting Go of Fear

It is time to stop giving so much energy to fear.

It is time to start manifesting dreams.

I’ve been wanting to launch online videos of my yoga classes for a few years now. I tell myself that my busy schedule and time constraints are the reasons why I have not moved forward, but there is more to it than that. If I’m really honest with myself it is the fear of putting myself out there that has been holding me back.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to happiness and achieving goals are our own fears. That same self-defeating thought that keeps repeating over and over in the mind. That is why getting on the yoga mat is so helpful for me so I can quiet my mind and notice where I keep repeating self-doubt and fear. The moments of quiet help me bring clarity, creativity, and the impetus to move forward with what I want to achieve. 

I’ve decided to kick fear in the ass today and post a video that I shot close to a year ago while I was leading a yoga retreat at Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort in Panama. It is serendipitous that this class just so happens to be about letting go of fear!  It is a short but powerful session that includes mantras, mudras, and yoga poses that will help you kick fear in the ass right along with me.

Big hug and THANKS to Jacob Nyyssonen for helping me to shoot and edit this video.

So, find a comfortable place at home, roll out your yoga mat, and practice with me. The session is 22 minutes and you can use it to get you warmed up and motivated and perhaps add a bit more of your own home practice and a savasana to finish it out.

Good news, I’m not letting fear get in my way this year, and I’ve already recorded more videos and I am in the process of getting them edited and set up on my website, so stay tuned for more details about taking online classes with me.

If you do this class or want to do online classes with me, please leave a comment below with your feedback. I’d love to hear from you and THANKS in advance for practicing with me!

I loved sharing yoga at Sansara and I’m super excited to be going back there again this April to lead another yoga retreat! If you want to learn to surf or travel internationally and have had some fear of doing so – now is the time to LET GO of FEAR – and join me! There are still a few rooms left, and the Quad Rooms are on sale until February 1, so click here to get more information! If you need a roommate, I can set you up with one!

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