What will you get to learn at the yoga certification retreats?

In recent years, Yoga has gained high popularity in comparison to the other physical exercises which involve poses that lead to controlled bodily functions and working of the mind. And, if you visit 200 hour yoga teacher training retreats, you will get to learn about the philosophies of Yoga, the history of Yoga, and most importantly about the chakras in the body. You should know that there is no exact record of who invented Yoga but the documents are stated to be ancient.  So, if you want to become a yoga instructor, you will have to know about the basics first to reach the advanced level of yoga certification retreats.

The philosophy of Yoga

Yoga is considered to be a tree with sumptuous branches and every branch of it conveys a spiritual message. And, the important 6 branches of Yoga are listed below:

Hatha Yoga- It is known to be the mental and physical branch which prominently for the body and mind.

Raja Yoga– This branch involves discipline and stocks to meditation and acts of discipline which are listed under the 8 limbs of Yoga.

Karma Yoga- A path that is dedicated to service which in turn will make your future free from negativity and self-obsession.

Bhakti Yoga– The path followed in this leads to devotion. It is practiced to instill positivity, endurance, acceptance, and tolerance in a person.

Jnana Yoga– This path is of the scholars and teaches about wisdom and the development of the intellect through studies.

Tantra Yoga– The consummation of relationships, rituals, and ceremonies are taught in this path of Yoga.

Now that you know about the branches of Yoga, here is the list of chakras that are involved extensively and hold importance in the practice of yoga at the Yoga certification Retreats.

The 7 chakras maintained by Yoga

Sahasrara– It is the representation of pure consciousness and is also known to be the thousand-petaled or crown chakra.

Ajna- It represents the meeting point of two streams of energy and is known to be the third-eye chakra or the command chakra. The pituitary gland is associated with Ajna as it is the core of growth and development.

Vishuddha- The yoga practitioners at 200 hour yoga teacher training retreats represents the throat chakra to be the house of metabolism, hearing, and speech.

Anahata- It is related to the color green and pink and is also known to be the heart chakra. This chakra is associated with emotions, compassion, love, rejection, and wellbeing.

Manipura- This chakra is associated with the color yellow and is known to be the naval chakra that is connected with the digestive system, fear, anxiety, introverted personality, and power.

Svadhishthana– If you want to become a yoga instructor, you will have to know about all the chakras and the 6th of it is the pelvic chakra which is associated with reproductive organs, adrenal gland, and genitourinary system.

Muladhara- It is known to be the root chakra and is associated with the base of the spine and coccygeal region.

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