Coming Home


When I think of Shine Power Yoga I think of an evolved place. Where I feel a higher sense of purpose. I’m in the right place and on the right path. I aligned with my highest self and manifesting the life I am meant to live. I find myself in the walls of the studio, in the hot sweaty practice, in the community of each studio, and l see in myself the feeling of being home.My vision is to bring divine connection, expression, love, strength,and safety. The feeling of coming home!

I want to see Shine go into 2021 with discovery of the changing times. Transition to an  even better community. Shine is growing and I see the commitment of growing to be a stand  for the change ahead. As we closed a studio this coming month, we are gaining two stronger studios. A chance to become bigger and better. I want to support the Shine vision of being a stand for everyone. We are stronger together. 

Yes I have lost my way. I have listened to others and forgot why I started my journey with Shine. I want a place to belong and to stand behind what we are all looking for…. A place called home. 

I want to lead these two studios into something great. See the value of hard work. Mentor into being a business woman with Shine.

What I see in Shine for the next 5 years…

A group of women working towards a powerful studio who nevers gives up and helps others on the journey to self discovery.

I can see me walking through both studios with bare feet. Feeling the power in my feet as walk on the floor building roots to take on whatever going on in my day. I hear laughter of falling over in eagle and having helping hand supporting me back up. Cheering me on that I can do it. I smell the sweet sweat and breath of an awesome practice. And feel the heat embrace me for whatever I need to let go. I see community, I see love, I see welcoming faces. I see a start to a future I never knew was there. 

I’m ready to come home!

By: Crissy Shirvinsky

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