75 Minute Hatha Yoga Full Body Flow to Learn & Grow

Welcome to your intermediate hatha yoga flow. 

Step on your mat today for a full body hatha yoga class that’s rooted in yoga foundations (classical postures paired with breath)! This intermediate yoga class is designed to help you build strength and flexibility, share the traditional hatha yoga style, and help you fall back in love with your at-home yoga practice. 

You’ll flow through surya namaskar A and B, work through standing asymmetrical postures and yoga floor work before closing with savasana for all of your hard work! Together we’ll seal our practice with a final pranayama practice and meditation. 

And the best part, you’ll be helping me complete my 200 HR yoga teacher training! 

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You read that right — this class is part of my final assessments for my 200 HR yoga teacher training.

If you’re thinking, wait Allie, have you been teaching yoga this whole time without training? 

Don’t worry, this is my second 200 HR! 

My second training took place in beautiful Costa Rica with Selena Garefino, a person I consider a remarkable teacher, scholar, mentor and off the yoga mat guide. To learn more about her yoga programs, click here.

Now you might be wondering, why would you take a second training that requires a costly financial investment and 17 day time commitment? You’ve already got one, why not jump into your 300 HR YTT? 

Before beginning my 300 HR YTT, I wanted to return back to the basics and revisit the foundational concepts that new yoga teachers learn to not only be back in the student seat, but also to strengthen my knowledge, confidence and teachings. 

When I feel confident as a student and teacher that spills over into how I lead and teach you. 

It felt so good to be back in an immersive, learning environment AND to see how much I actually already knew (hello confidence booster). 

Finally, I had pretty much lost my personal yoga practice and needed an experience like this to help me fall back in love with yoga, the practice that transformed my life from the outside in and inside out. This training, waking at 5 AM every day and practicing for 17 days straight, helped me fall back in love with the practice and receive the nourishment to continue teaching and leading. 

I needed that time to tap back into my own yoga toolkit 🧰 so I can continue this beautiful, lifelong journey with you and our yoga family. 

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My hope is that you’ll use this class as a reminder to always be evolving and growing. 

That it’s always okay to come back to the basics, recenter, and relearn. 

When you finish today’s yoga class, comment I COMMIT TO MY EVOLUTION on the YouTube video as a reminder to always be a student (and to let me know you’re part of our yoga family). 

All my love, 

Allie, xx

P.S. Interested in becoming a yoga teacher or evolving as a yoga teacher? Check out Selena’s training to learn more! 

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