Relaxing Yoga Class for Neck & Shoulder Relief

Welcome to your Yoga Class to Soothe Away Stress and Feel Shoulder and Neck Relief. 

Now tell me the truth. When’s the last time you tended to your neck? The part of your body that holds up your beautiful, brainy head? The area where all thoughts, ideas and conversations happen?

Your answer might be yesterday or never…

Regardless, I’m confident that your neck is going to loveeeee me after this new yoga class, and so will your shoulders and nervous system. 

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Now it’s no secret that most of us struggle with tech neck because our world demands it, butttt we can take a stand and do something about it. Like incorporating yoga classes that ease tension, soothe away stress, and lead to relief. 

Exhaleee, doesn’t that sound dreamy 💭💭

Well stop dreaming, babe…. because I’ve created an intentionally designed yoga class to take care of your neck, while simultaneously tending to your whole being (as in your body, mind and soul). 

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So a bit about this class, because intention matters. It’s a gentle, low to the ground, neck and shoulder centric sequence. Every pose has been thoughtfully designed to tease out accumulated tension, amplify relaxation, and bring you back into homeostasis… that place where you make conscious, high-worth decisions. 

We’ll practice all sorts of interesting stuff with a heavy emphasis on contralateral movements, like moving your head one way and your arm the other. 

Why are we moving in opposites? 🤔

Because opposites help balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, help create focus and concentration, and generally reset the nervous system so you can shift into a rest and digest state (where healing and repair happens). 

So not only will your physical body be tended to, but so will your emotional, energetic, mental, wisdom and spirit bodies too. 

Don’t miss this one, it’s that good. 

Press play to love on your neck and meet me on the mat!

Allie, xx 

PS – Comment RELAXATION SUPPORTS ME on the YouTube class so I know you’re part of the yoga fam.

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