90+ Positive Affirmations for Every Situation

When it comes to positive affirmations, I haven’t always been a believer. I’ve always appreciated the power of words, don’t get me wrong. But the idea that just saying something over and over to yourself could actually make any difference sent my bullshit meter into overdrive. I mean, come on.

And you know what? I still think that idea is a little far fetched. But I am a huge believer that the words you say to yourself can make a big impact on how you feel. And how you feel can impact how you show up in the world.. which, big or small, makes a difference out there in the world.

This is how I explain the Law of Attraction, which is such a big trending topic right now–at least in the entrepreneur circles I’m in these days. It’s the idea that if you want to attract something, whether it’s a spouse or a million dollars, you have to act like you’ve already got it. The more you believe it’s coming, the more likely it is to come.

I love this idea so much. And it shows up in so many different forms from advice to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” to showing up to an interview with the confidence of a CEO, even when you feel a little more like an intern. Do I believe that these actions have some sort of cosmic magic voodoo that will immediately make things happen for you? Eh.. I don’t know.

I do, however, believe that people are more willing to believe in you (and thus want to work with you) if you believe in yourself. I know that when I’m feeling positive and happy, other people are drawn to me, and more likely to hire me… which means more money in my bank account, more freedom, etc. I absolutely believe that the more success you see in your life (whatever success means for you) the more likely you are to see more of it–if only just because it boosts your confidence and makes you see that it’s possible.

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So, I’ve put together a big, ol’ list of lots of positive affirmations for you. These are sorted by different life circumstances where affirmations can be beneficial.

BUT if you’re skeptical, or just a little annoyed by the saccarine sweetness of these, there’s a section for you at the bottom.

Because as much as I love positivity, I also believe there’s room for humor, venting frustrations, and just being OK with how things actually feel right now. Some things really are out of our control and no amount of magical thinking will fix those.

We need new policies that level the playing field so that we can all manifest what we desire with equal effort. We need new policies, more social support, and a paradigm shift to get there. But in the meantime, here are some lovely affirmations to help support you.

90 + Positive Affirmations for Different Life Circumstances

Affirmations for Self Care + Self Compassion

Affirmations for Confidence

Affirmations for Challenging Times

Affirmations for Abundance + Gratitude

Affirmations for Energy + Creativity

Affirmations for Relaxation

Affirmations for Yoga

Affirmations for Meditation

Affirmations for a Good Laugh

Positive Affirmations for Self Care + Self Compassion

I am calm, peaceful, and relaxed.

I am exactly where I need to be at this moment.

I am worthy.

I am loved.

Self care is health care.

I offer compassion to those around me and to myself.

I treat myself with the same kindness and compassion as anyone else I love.

I have enough. I know enough. I am enough.

I am whole.

I take care of myself because I love myself.

I am choosing to be kind to myself today.

I am mindful.

I trust myself.

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

I am strong. 

I can do hard things. 

I am capable. 

There are no limits to what I can achieve.

I am learning, growing, and becoming better every moment.

I am focused, clear, and precise.

I make good decisions for myself and my family.

I am capable of great things.

I ask for what I need.

Positive Affirmations for Challenging Times

I am safe. I am healthy. All is well.

I am capable of overcoming any challenges that come my way.

My intuition guides me. I am always supported by something bigger than myself.

My breath carries me through even the most challenging times..

(Music Notes Emoji) Don’t worry. About a thing. Cause every little thing is gonna be alright. (Music Notes Emoji)

Healthy stress helps me focus on my  goals. Unhealthy stress rolls right off my back.

Every breath is a new beginning.

I don’t let repetitive thoughts overshadow the present moment.

Out of this experience, only good will come.

Positive Affirmations for Abundance + Gratitude

I have everything I need. 

Abundance flows to me easily.

I love money and money loves me.

I attract great things by simply focusing my energy on the good things in life.

I am filled with gratitude for this moment.

I attract good things into my life.

I am a magnet for fun, joy, and abundance.

I accept help from others.

Gratitude is my attitude.

Positive Affirmations for Energy + Creativity

I am healthy, vibrant, and full of energy.

I am present. 

I am happy.

Happiness is my birthright.

I am showing up as the best version of myself today.

I see beauty everywhere I look.

I’m choosing fun, playfulness, and joy right now.

I am connected. 

I make time to do the things that inspire me.

My self expression is a divine expression of God (Universal intelligence, Etc.)

Affirmations for Yoga

Practice and all is coming.

It is well with my soul.

I am softening my muscles.

I am breathing deeply.

I trust my body.

My body feels at ease. My mind feels at peace.

I am releasing all things in my body that do not serve me.

I move with integrity and intention.

My breath carries me from one pose to the next, one moment to the next.

I allow every yoga posture to teach me more about myself.

I am balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I connect my body, mind, and spirit. 

I have infinite wisdom in my body.

My only goal is to get to know myself more. 

I honor my body today and practice listening and responding to what it needs.

Ready to unroll your mat? There are lots of FREE practices available to you on the Spoiled Yogi YouTube Channel.

Affirmations for Relaxation

I relax knowing that I am completely supported.

I can release tension, repetitive thoughts, and all else that is not serving me right now.

Each breath brings me closer to myself.

I give myself permission to slow down.

My breath soothes me and helps me relax.

I am my best self when I am relaxed and rejuvenated.

Relaxation is productive.

I take care of myself because I love myself.

I am calm, peaceful, and relaxed.

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Choose wisely.

Affirmations for Meditation (Mantras)

So hum. ( I am that.) 

It is well with my soul.

Be here now.

Peace begins with me.

Sa. Ta. Na. Ma.

As I inhale, I am filled with love and light. As I exhale, I make room for more good.

I radiate my light out into the world.

Affirmations for a Good Laugh

F**k this Shi*!

No. (That’s a full sentence.)

I value the health and well-being of my family above all else–except for maybe convenience, which is why we’re getting take out tonight.

I’m sorry. I can’t commit to that. I’m a parent.

Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.

You can’t make everyone happy. You aren’t a jar of Nutella.

So just do what you have to do to make yourself happy… 🙂

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