Meet the Model: LESA


Lesa Green


Where are you from and where do you currently live?

“I’m originally from NY! Currently a Cali girl. ”

Tell us what you are working on that you are excited about!

“Current times have allowed me to dive deeper into my online dance, yoga and fitness studio offerings. I started teaching online for my business (@TheMIXTechnique) in 2015. Now, I’m excited to see more people trusting the online process. ”

What is a typical day like for you?

“Each day is different. I wear so many hats! But any given day includes working my business (correspondence, PR, meetings, social media, etc-I manage 5 IG/FB/Twitter accounts), correspondence with the colleges and my students (teaching online dance, fitness and yoga), meetings for academic committees I work on, creating make up content for my beauty blogger IG (@FacesbyLesa), getting my own workout in, cooking and reading or watching my binge worthy Netflix shows/movies. ”


Favorite item in your home?

“The area of my home that I’ve dedicated to my yoga/dance/fitness online studio space. Does that count as an item? That or my bed. ”

What’s on your playlist lately?


“Oh man. My music tastes are wild. I have music from yoga vibes to headbanger vibes. Currently I’ve been loving loud, obnoxious stuff like “Behemoth” by SVDDEN DEATH. I pride myself on my music playlists. You can listen on Spotify @TheMIXTechnique. I high key wanna be a DJ .”

What’s your biggest dream?

“To have my online studio business thrive and reach all over the world! Eventually teaching internationally if we can get back to that point. Extending wellness, fitness and dance around the world! Having my podcast (ChocoLumpia Lessons) have its own YouTube channel, more acting gigs, modeling gigs and doing all of the things I love all the time! ”

What are some obstacles you have had to overcome, and how did you overcome them?

“So many amazing people teach yoga, dance and fitness. Trying to showcase and prove my abilities, knowledge, and training has been an obstacle. What makes me the reason someone wants to train with me? But I have to remember that I am unique. We all are. My students and clients come to me because they like me and that I can offer. And I’m thankful for everyone who’s ever worked with me or spread the kind word.”

How do you stay motivated, both now and before everything that happened in 2020.

“ I limit the things I expose myself to. I stay informed but try not to watch the news all day long. I am very strict about my business hours and office hours. Boundaries are extremely important to me. I follow those (on social media) who inspire me and keep me motivated to never quit. And I laugh a lot-comedy, podcasts…I try not to take myself too seriously. ”


What advice would you give to other women looking to stay inspired right now?

“Follow people who inspire you, that you would want to emulate…not in a copycat way or in a way that isn’t healthy! In an inspirational, vision board type of way. I know who my “mentors” are and I take in as much consumable info that they provide. There’s so much free content out there! Use this time (EVEN if you’re busier now than ever) to consume it somehow. Maybe you listen to your favorite inspirational podcast while working online or cleaning up. Just use this time wisely. My grandma always said “Don’t stay in it too long” when things are bad/challenging/sad…I add to that: grieve, feel, express-yes. But never stay in it too long. Reach out to family, friends, take a walk, dance, sing, workout, laugh, play with cats and dogs! ️”


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